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Over the years, FOF MI has been dedicated to uplifting the voices of everyday Michiganders who want to see real progressive change in our state and nation. These stories have been crucial to helping us in our mission to advance equity and justice for all Michiganders, win critical policy fights, let our neighbors and friends know that they aren’t alone with the issues they face, and to sending the message to Lansing and DC that we the people, are engaged, paying attention, and ready to stand up for what is right!

When we come together and vote, we have the power to create real change. Here, Norbert speaks about the importance of voting and community outreach in Pontiac, MI.

Pamela Moore of SEIU Local 1 Detroit speaks about why we must support the care workers who care for us.

During the 2020 lockdowns, Michigan teachers came together to ask that we “Don’t Rush” and ensure that the safety of our teachers and kids came first, FOF MI was there to help amplify their message.

Michelle Martinez of the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition shares a powerful message about our linked fates in the Great Lakes State and reclaiming our power by voting for candidates who will stand for every Michigander’s right to a clean and healthy environment.

Mike Griffin, speaks about the importance of health insurance for all.

Never feel intimidated about making your story and voice heard by your elected officials. Here Jeremy and Dinah walk us through the simple yet impactful process of lobbying your state representative.

Donald speaks about the importance of voting in Michigan and beyond

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